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Our newest additions to the catalogue!
To listen simply click the track/artist...

01 - Bryan Adams - When You're Gone
02 - ABBA - Voulez Vous
03 - Audioslave - Cochise
04 - The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
05 - Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic

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Our 'Hall of fame' top ten backing tracks, listed according to sales.. Thank you!

01 - Don Henley - Boys Of Summer
02 - Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
03 - Madonna - Live To Tell
04 - The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
05 - Elvis Costello - Pump It Up
06 - Paul Weller - The Changingman
07 - Prince - Purple Rain
08 - Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
09 - Tenacious D - Tribute
10 - Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed

To order any of these, please visit the Catalogue page >>

Welcome to - The sister site to Alive Studios (

A very warm welcome to! - A collection of professional working musicians who have, and are creating simply the most realistic backing tracks available today. We can create and produce any backing track you are looking for, at the most competitive price around. All of your favourite rock and pop tracks from the 60’s to modern day faithfully recreated using live musicians alongside top of line studio technology. Get the best tracks mixed and made specifically for live performance.

Alive Studios is the name for Steve's home studio. Steve creates all the backing tracks with assisstance for projects via email through other colleagues. These are then uploaded for sale onto this website. It makes things nice and easy to work this way!

What we do want to stress is one thing. We are not a karaoke website offering thousands of cheap backing tracks.' ethos in general is to supply custom made backing tracks to clients on an individual basis. We do have a small, but growing catalogue of rock/pop backing tracks available on here though, so feel free to browse and listen to what we do.

Our prices reflect our high standards. Our tracks even get re-edited to improve the sound quality. We have a small roster of private clients, business clients, who believe our prices and quality are second to none.

Professionals need backing tracks that allow the musician room to sing, play and perform to, without over the top production, and without too much instrumentation. For the performing rock, pop, and blues musician, and beyond, you will not find a more dedicated team to producing better backing tracks.
You need only one website address for all your backing needs -

One last thing too. We do things simply here. Nice, fast and efficient service. The websites are all hand coded in notepad by us using basic HTML for speedy loading and maximum PC/Mac/iOS/Android compatability.

Looking for a Specific Track? - You are in the right place!

70% of our orders and repeat orders are from clients who cannot get a backing track from anywhere else. Whenever there is a gap in the market for, in this case, hard to find backing tracks, this is where we come in. However, please be aware. We make a small, but growing catalogue available for £5 per track, but custom backing track orders are not cheap. A custom backing track is carefully tempo mapped from the original recording then re-built using the latest MIDI and audio recording technology. This takes, time, effort, and many man hours. If you are looking for cheap karaoke backing tracks, we are very sorry but you are in the wrong place. We don't wish to put people off however, hence why we have made small catalogue of generic rock/pop tracks available!

Our team of MIDI programmers, and session musicians have seen and heard it all over the ten years of us creating backing tracks. Unless you are after a massive Brahms concerto or Chopin etude, pretty much anything else is possible. From the most complex Dream Theatre Prog Rock Metal track, to the latest chart hit that has just come out. If it's been recorded, chances are we can make you a backing track. The only limit is your budget and our time. We love taking on interesting long term projects too!

We hope you like the new layout, we promise to add way more backing tracks to the site and keep it updated, but should you wish to order a custom backing track, then all you have to do is ask us via. email!

Catalogue Prices (per track) and Ordering Information

You will need a PayPal account to order with us. It is safe, quick and easy. There are no logins with, just simply email us the tracks you require, wether you would like any instruments removed and then wait for our reply. Usually this happens immediately. Once payment is received, we email you the track. Simple.
Tracks are £5 each. Removal of instruments available at no extra cost. Transposing tracks (where possible) is also at no extra cost.

Samples are provided for a selection of tracks, but rest assured the quality and high standard is the same throughout.

Customer Feedback

We have regular corporate, business and private clients who use us. Here is just a few comments and feedback we have kindly received...

“ have provided us time and time again with a good, speedy service at a competitive price. The quality of the backing tracks we’ve commissioned are at an outstanding level.”
- The Peel Entertainment Group. (2015)

“..Being a solo performer I need to know that my voice is being backed by the best tracks around...From cruises, to corporate engagements, I have never had a problem with any of your tracks. I look forward to dealing with you again soon..”
- M.Adams (Leicester)

“..I’ve been performing for over 25 years and have been waiting for a website like yours.. People regularly comment on the professional sound that I get at my shows, thanks, in no small part to your excellent sounding backing tracks..”
- J.Stone (Essex)

Legal Disclaimer - Legal Disclaimer. These backing tracks are for private use, or live use in an environment where a PRS for music has been granted. Any other use of the backing track for commercial or otherwise, and a mechanical license and/or permission from the original songwriter must be sought.

It is never intention to infringe upon any copyright. This website serves as a place for Alive Studios to keep it's catalogue of backing tracks available online so we have access to them. We make them available to others for a very small monetary sum using Paypal.

Alive Studios, and is a member of PRS for Music.


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